Bio Gold



*For Industrial Use Only

Bio Gold is an extremely safe adhesive remover made from clean, natural refined soybean oil. Bio Gold is a cleaning solvent with a pleasant neutral aroma specifically designed for all industries needing to remove adhesives, labels, glues, inks and mastics. Because Bio Gold is made with soybean oils, its special formulation maintains a slow evaporation rate allowing it to remain on sticky residues and actively work for an extended amount of time!


Use Bio Gold to Safely Remove Adhesives From
Labeling Machinery, Screen Printing Equipment, Rollers and Cutting Blades, Windows and Glass, Textile Equipment

For tougher jobs involving mastic, use Bio Gold with low VOC’s to dissolve it away!

Consider the Advantages!
No Caustic Fumes or Vapors, Slow Evaporation – Sets and Dissolves, Non-Toxic and Biodegradable, Flash Point Over 400°F, Easy Water Rinse Clean-Up, Eliminates the Use of Hazardous Chemicals, Safe for the Environment


Product Specifications

  • Flash Point: 425°F
  • Solubility in Water: Negligible at Room Temp
  • Biodegradable: Yes
  • Color: Pale Yellow
  • Odor: Pleasant Neutral Aroma

Additional information

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additional options

16oz bottle, 1gl, 4x1gl case, 24 bottle case, 5gl can, 55gl drum – Please call for pricing, 330gl tote – Please call for pricing